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API-AGRO and APPLIFARM have signed a strategic agreement to develop their services within animal and plant production sectors

API-AGRO and APPLIFARM’s Executive Boards settled on an agreement enabling agricultural stakeholders to benefit from their consent management and data exchange technology for farms, embedded in a secure and sovereign infrastructure.

API-AGRO, a platform for exchanging useful agricultural data, and APPLIFARM, a livestock farming data valuation and traceability platform, have announced a strategic agreement to benefit animal and plant production sectors. Both partners undertake to favour the use of their respective technologies in implementing useful solutions for stakeholders within the agricultural ecosystem.

“APPLIFARM’s ambition is to provide value and transparency to farmers, whilst serving as a lever for agricultural sectors in response to new societal expectations. Access to and sharing data is a key factor for turning said data into new services that can boost the ‘digital revolution’ within the agricultural world. The purpose of this strategic agreement is to boost the development of APPLIFARM’s digital services, both in the fields of livestock farming and plant production”, announced Cédric Lombard, Chairman of APPLIFARM. API-AGRO will then help APPLIFARM display the data drawn from farms on its platform. The goal here is to encourage the secure exchange of data made available to stakeholders within the livestock farming sector. API-AGRO will also be able to offer its data exchange services to APPLIFARM’s customers, and benefit from APPLIFARM’s expertise as the first technological service provider to join its network of top partners.

“API-AGRO will remain entirely focused on data exchange via its platform, but wishes to forge strategic partnerships with technological service providers who share the same values regarding sovereignty and innovation to benefit French and European agricultural sectors”, concluded Sébastien Windsor, Chairman of API-AGRO. Digital transformation is an incredible opportunity for the agricultural sector, so long as it becomes proficient in accessing and exchanging data between stakeholders of various sizes and performing various activities. The partnership between API-AGRO and APPLIFARM currently meets this challenge and creates the ideal conditions for developing innovative services throughout French and European agricultural sectors.

APPLIFARM manages and makes available to companies a mobile application used to gather agricultural producers’ consent in accordance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). In more concrete terms, producers are now able to view the data collections they have consented to in a dedicated web page. This consent is stored in a blockchain so as to secure future data exchanges. This interface will be entirely interconnected with API-AGRO’s platform, enabling data providers to manage their own data access and that of their agricultural producers in a much more flexible and secure way.


Data and algorithms have become two major features of the agricultural ecosystem. API-AGRO is the leading platform in useful French and European data exchanges within this sector. Weather data, agricultural practices, economic data, etc. Stakeholders from different sectors display their data on the platform - from industrial work to the public sector, research and education. The goal is to make data sharing easier, and to structure and coordinate information flows between operators - to help them safely develop innovative digital services to be used by agricultural producers. Created in 2016, API-AGRO SAS now encompasses about fifteen private shareholders, the network of Technical Agricultural Institutes (ACTA), the Chambers of agriculture and the Geves (Group for the Study and Control of Plant Varieties and Seeds), i.e. thousands of specialised stakeholders in France and Europe.

Press contact: Emma Richard, / +33 (0)6 85 28 98 59


APPLIFARM is a data sharing and valuation platform for upstream agriculture, whose goal is to make data accessible so breeder performance and animal production can be enhanced within the sector. Created in 2017 by 8 livestock farming companies* and initiated by a collaborative approach launched by Neovia and Evolution, APPLIFARM grants access to a catalogue of 1,000 different nominative data sets (farmer or animal) originating from 30,000 farms. Collecting data and managing consent regarding data sharing was the very first service developed and marketed by APPLIFARM - both with a view to complying to GDPR requirements and most importantly to enhancing trust, namely thanks to the use of the blockchain which allows for more transparency and security.

Press contact: Camille Decaux, / +33 (0)6 83 55 81 80

*Founders of APPLIFARM: Neovia, Innoval (Evolution, BCELO and GDS Bretagne), Eilyps, Ceva, Adisseo and Cogedis.