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Logistock platform for managing a delegation service for heifers

Applifarm and Eilyps have developed Logistock, a data exchange platform between heifer breeders and fatteners

Upon request from its partner Eilyps, Applifarm has recently developed a data sharing platform dedicated to managing a delegation service between heifer breeders and fatteners.

This time-consuming service needed a modern touch

Indeed, since 2015 - the year Eilyps launched its Déleg’Génisse offer - management of this service has required a large number of data exchanges every day. Given the growing number of breeders, and thus of fatteners, the amount of information to be processed has quickly become extremely vast. Resorting to a new tool that could help make data flows simpler and more secure between the various stakeholders (fatteners, breeders and Eilyps) was therefore necessary. Having analysed the process, the creation of a dedicated platform soon appeared as the most appropriate tool for efficiently meeting the issues at hand.

A service based on data exchange

There are countless advantages for breeders, fatteners and the service administrator, namely in terms of time saved, information reliability, traceability and transparency. In a nutshell, the Logistock platform used for managing Déleg’Génisse makes it possible:

  • For the breeder :

    • To list the animals they wish to delegate on a private web page
    • To follow up on the animals and their key events (health, weight, insemination, date they will be returned, calving date)
    • To be informed by SMS and/or email that their animal has been taken into care and at a later stage, returned
  • For the fattener :

    • To receive a notification of the animal batches they are being entrusted with
    • To state the measurements taken (weight) and events (treatments, insemination, ultrasound) on a dedicated web page
  • To be informed by SMS/email of when to return the heifers to the breeders before calving.

  • For the administrator :

    • To optimise their management technique, by :

      • Creating heifer batches and easily allocating them to a fattener according to the calving schedule declared on the platform and to the breeders’ availabilities
      • Obtaining an overall vision of the farms and transfers (inbound and outbound) they manage
      • Preserving the delegated animals’ history and traceability data
    • To optimise their administrative management, by :

      • Creating automatic invoices
      • Adapting invoices to the animal’s specific features
      • Adapting invoices to the animal’s specific features

A platform possibly transferable to other structures

The co-construction of the Logistock platform by Eilyps and Applifarm was done with a view to applying it to other structures confronted with the same issues. Feel free to contact us for further information or a more comprehensive demonstration ! |